“Frozen” Progress in Gay Rights

March 1st, 2014 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

But some of your kids, some of them are gay. And it’s not because society normalized it. It’s not because Disney taught them it was okay.

Jed on Breaking the Set with Abby Martin

February 27th, 2014 in Musings by Jed Morey

What makes Abby so terrifying is that she’s smart, eloquent and calls bullshit when she sees it. She is the antidote to corporate media but too progressive for the establishment.

A Renewed Discourse on Inequality: Part II

February 5th, 2014 in Musings by Jed Morey

It’s time to embark on a new discussion on the “redistribution of wealth.” It begins with the reclamation of this battered phrase in a way that tunes our collective ear to the sound of justice.

A Renewed Discourse on Inequality

January 31st, 2014 in Musings by Jed Morey

Apathy is a direct corollary of inequality. Most of us are too busy and under too much financial pressure to remove ourselves from the cycle of madness. It’s the capitalist way

The Age of Political Psychosis

January 31st, 2014 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

And the world turns and iPhones capture our every thought and experience, despite being built upon what Louis CK describes as “Asian suffering.” Welcome to the future. Sure looks a lot like the past.

Time to Put 2013 on a Shelf

December 31st, 2013 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

Yes, the people who railed against a spy in our midst as evil and corrupt introduced a puppet, one who quietly recorded information about children in the privacy of their homes and reported it to a central division where that intel was documented for later use.

When an Empire Falls in the World, Does it Make a Sound?

December 30th, 2013 in Musings by Jed Morey

We must address the colonies of dispossessed Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck and stop thinking about colonizing cheap labor pools of distant nations.


December 13th, 2013 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

The NRA has made the anniversary of Newtown “Guns Save Lives Day,” with the same amount of tact and sensitivity as the Westboro Baptist Church.

Cyber Monday War on Terror

December 2nd, 2013 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

By introducing drones as their premier method to deliver goods, has not only raised the bar on home delivery, but has unwittingly provided the solution and the end to what had prior seemed to be an endless War on Terror.

Conspiracy: It’s What’s for Dinner.

November 27th, 2013 in Guests by Jaime Franchi

Through it all, Barack Obama has held tightly to his cool, unflappable persona, leading me to believe that there’s more to it than meets the eye.